ABOUT JON: I believe in the importance of building strong relationships, the power of effective listening, and memorable, personalized service.


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"Jon always took the time to thoroughly explain every situation to us to make sure we were properly informed as we made every decision. He was consistently available for all of our questions, we look forward to recommending him to friends and family."

- Katie Z.



New Homeowner? 6 Must-Dos

As a new homeowner there’s a litany of things on your mind – and on your to-do list.  Be sure to do these 5 things first because they’ll save you time, money, and headaches later: 1. Change The Locks Who else has keys?  Maybe the previous owner…but who else did they give keys to?  Change … » Learn More about New Homeowner? 6 Must-Dos

Top 7 Pro Painting Tips

You can do it yourself!  And just because you do it yourself doesn’t mean anyone needs to know you didn’t hire a professional!  Here are some pro tips sure to make your next project fun, easy and looking PRO! 1. Use Fabric Softener to Keep Bristles Soft When not soaked properly brushes can become hard … » Learn More about Top 7 Pro Painting Tips


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