You see it every day, usually first thing in the morning! If your bathroom needs a decorating spruce-up, here’s a few ideas to try out:

Gray Makeover
While gray might not be your first choice, it creates a neutral backdrop that brings the rest of your color scheme forward and makes it pop.

Try Bold-Colored Accents
Against a gray background, your bold-colored accent tiles really stand out.  In color tests, bold colors like orange, yellow and bright green help to lift a mood. Use decorative tiles to surround a mirror, create a backsplash or border your shower.

Mosaic The Wall
Speaking of tiles – a mosaic accent wall with glass tiles are a great look. Your mosaic accent wall is your place to add color and whimsy to your bathroom decor.

Make Room For A Spacious Shower

If you have a bath, especially one you never use…ditch it.  Instead of being cramped in your bathtub, turn the space into a roomy shower.  If you need recommendations on an affordable way to have a roomy shower installed, contact me.

Bring In Blossoms
Blossoms, such as cherry blossoms, offer a fragrance that add class to any bathroom. Or try silk flowers and a floral fragrance plug-in.

Slim Storage
Storage is luxury in any bathroom. A decorative, narrow storage piece that will hold cleaning supplies and other necessities will maximize space. You can find great slim storage furniture at places like Homegoods and World Market.

What is it that you’re looking for in your bathroom? Do you like the idea of a luxurious fireplace? A simple, grey-toned decor? What about a mosaic accent wall that will draw the eye and wow your guests? Choose the idea that most appeals to you, then design your bathroom around that concept for a space that you’ll love just as much as every other room in your house.  And if you post it on Pinterest, you’ll get raves.