Don’t buy new stuff. Restyle and refresh without paying a dime.

Since we can’t run to the stores and buy organizing stuff, below is a list of 21 easy and free projects while you’re avoiding interacting with others!


Make some changes instead of renovating or splurging on new furniture. Perhaps rearrange the furniture or floor coverings or table items. Consider restyling the items on your bookshelves by decluttering and adding some accent pieces. And now that we are all eating at home, you might set your table with your nice dinnerware. And while you’re out on your walk or run, pick some wildflowers for the centerpiece.

Clean, clean, clean

Spring has sprung, so let the cleaning begin! Get to the stuff you rarely do – vacuum vents and baseboards and use an old rag with warm water and soap to wipe the excess dust. Don’t forget to vacuum under your bed, and hit the bathroom and kitchen drawers with that vacuum hose while you’re at it. On the subject of dust, be sure to change the filter on your furnace.


Get organized and energized

If you want a professional opinion, my friend Kathi Burns, author of How to Master Your Muck, is happy to talk with you virtually! But if you’re on a budget, there are few simple things you can do during this time to make a big difference. Clear your closet and clean the inside. Tidy up the entry by removing unnecessary items. Straighten crooked wall hangings, or consider switching them all around for a fresh look. Touch up worn window and door frames with new paint.

Lighten up

Cleaning lighting is simple and easy – start with gently wiping off the bulb and use a soft cloth on shades. Take the curtains down and throw them in the wash, be sure to hang them to dry.

But wait, there’s more!

These are just a few of the list of 21 great ideas.  Check out the original article, published by Curbed, here.