As a new homeowner there’s a litany of things on your mind – and on your to-do list.  Be sure to do these 5 things first because they’ll save you time, money, and headaches later:

1. Change The Locks

Who else has keys?  Maybe the previous owner…but who else did they give keys to?  Change the locks or have them re-keyed to set your mind at ease that you’re the only one who can get in. You can run to the hardware store and even install new deadbolts for like $10 bucks.  Or call a locksmith, it is usually less than $50.

2. Re-check For Leaks

Re-check?  Well, sure.  Your general home inspector was obsessive about doing this well before the close of escrow (if you worked with me!), but it is always a good idea to double-check. Watch sinks and faucets to be sure there are no drips and also be sure to check your water heater for signs of a leak.  Most folks never look once at their water meter –  if you check it at the beginning and end of a two-hour window (be sure to use no water during that period) and the reading is different, you have a leak.

3.  Clean Those Carpets

Clean carpet is happy carpet.  Go out to Von’s and get a rug doctor or hire a carpet cleaning company – it’ll be money well spent.  And be certain to do it days before moving in to allow the carpet to dry thoroughly – that way your furniture won’t be damaged and your socks won’t get wet!

4. Get Comfortable With Electric

Have you even seen the inside of your circuit breaker box?  Do you have any idea where your main water valve is? You should know which fuses control what parts of your house (and they should be labeled during your home inspection).  If they aren’t properly labeled get a buddy to stand in the room where the power is supposed to go off while you yell, “Is it off?!”

5. Lysol Wipe The Cabinets
Yes, it is hard to believe people don’t do this – but if you’re not a contact paper person, wiping the inside of the cabinets is great for peace of mind – and removing germs.  You don’t want to put your dishes or other personal items in there before you’re certain it has been de-germed.

This is just a partial list – I have plenty of recommendations for you – don’t hesitate to reach out.  It’s what I’m here for!